Nicholas Hartigan's House
Close up of the front step

The tall bearded gentleman with the cigar to the right is Patrick. He's currently about 75 in this photo. Based upon the information at hand, it is reasonably assumed that the other people are as follows: The other gentleman is Nicholas, son of Patrick & Johanna. To his right (left in image) is his wife Frances (Phon). The young girl in white would be Johanna (Josie), daughter of William and Esther. That was written on the original image. The baby in the back could be any of the 6 boys born between 1897 and 1900: Stanislaus(1897), Patrick J.(1897), Cell(1898), Jack(1898) Raymond(1900) or Michael(1900). The woman seated is Esther, wife of William (William is seen in full image), mother of three of the 6 named above, due to a strong resemblance with known images of her. The woman in back, holding the baby is unknown, but could be Ellen, wife of Michael, mother of the others named above, OR Mary, daughter of Patrick & Johanna, who married Henry Giovannini, holding her nephew. In the expanded image, by the corner of the house, there is also another young girl belived to be Mary, daughter of William and Esther. This is deduced by the fact William is away from the others watching Mary as she plays. However, keep in mind this is still speculation.