Johanna Power Hartigan

Very little is known about Johanna Power, prior to her wedding with Patrick in 1857. Other than that she is from Placentia, a town on the western coast of the Avalon peninsula.
Placentia was a larger town in Newfoundland, at the time. It is easly accessable by road, and has a beach-like cost lined with baseball sized stones, weathered smooth. It was originally settled in the 1500's by the Basques, along with Miquelon and Trepassey.* Placentia became the capital of the French controlled Newfoundland in 1655*
Johanna met Patrick in Placentia, and married him there. After moving to Rencontre and raising her family. She died Feb, 2nd 1894 at age 58. As the matriarch of a growing clan, we're looking for more information. Should we discover anything of merit, it will be posted here.