Patrick Hartigan

Patrick Hartigan was born in 1825, in Ireland. It is not confrimed where in Ireland; however, the region of County Limerick has a large Hartigan population. Hartigan is also spelled Hartagain with and without an O' before the H.

It is widely known that the Irish would sail back and forth between Newfoundland and Irealand while fishing. It is due to his involvement in the industry, that Patrick found himself on the Newfoundland shores on-or-about 1840.

Newfoundland, being one of the most Irish places outside of Ireland, it's must have been easy to find a life there. And on November 12, 1857, in the coastal village of Placentia, he married Johanna Power.

There is some dispute about whether they had a child, named Patrick, drown in Placentia shortly thereafter. This is due to the lack of written evidence. But family ledgend places this as the motivating factor to leave Placentia and move to Rencontre East.

They went on to raise a family in Recontre. Johanna gave birth to five children; William, Nicholas, Michael, Mary Ellen and Annie Francis. Three of the five children, William, Michael and Mary had familes of their own, in Rencontre.